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More deer hunters are realizing that there are many advantages to hunting deer from a stationery deer blind. For starters, hunting from a box blind is extremely comfortable. A small heater can keep a wooden or fiberglass blind warm and cozy for hours. A hunter who is warm and comfortable will hunt longer than a hunter who gets cold. A hunter who has cold feet and hands will go home early.

Another advantage of hunting deer from a blind is a deer blind can drastically decrease human odor so hunters don’t have to worry as much about getting winded by deer. My son and I have shot deer out of a Redneck Blind with the wind blowing directly at the deer moments before we pull the trigger. Because only one window was open on the blind, very little human odor escaped the blind so we were able to pull off the shot.

Often when a hunter goes shopping for a deer blind, they are surprised how much money a manufactured blind costs so many hunters build their own blinds. The problem with building a homemade blind is it can be just as costly as a manufactured blind. “Most of us are extremely busy and hunters who come here to purchase a blind admit that what made them decide to buy a blind instead of build one from scratch is the amount of time it would take and the actual financial cost of building a blind,” said Bill Barling from Esh’s Hunting Blinds.

Building a deer blind from scratch or from a set of plans can take hours and and in many cases, hunters underestimate the cost of building a blind. “One comment hunters make when they come here to look at a blind is how nice the windows in our blinds are. Many hunters admit that they forgot to price out the cost of windows when they were considering building a blind,” said Barling.

By the time a hunter factors in their time and the cost of materials, buying a quality blind from Esh’s Hunting Blinds isn’t much more than building a blind. Esh’s also offers professional installation, depending on your location.

Esh’s Hunting Blinds offers multiple brands of hunting blinds. They are the largest Redneck Blinds Dealer on the East Coast and they are the largest County Line blind dealer in the country.

“County Line makes an amazing wooden blind for the money,” said Barling. “From the floor to the windows and everything in between, the blind is built with quality materials like LP smart board treated for mold, mildew and termites. The blind has a 5-year warranty on all quality and workmanship, and 20-year rot through warranty. The towers are made out of pressure-treated lumber and carry the same warranty. They are built with Amish craftsmanship. We get a lot of positive reviews from happy customers who purchase a County Line blind from us.”

Esh’s Hunting Blinds also carries Redneck Hunting Blinds. Redneck Hunting Blinds are one of the most popular hunting blinds on the market because they are built out of fiberglass which means they will last for years and are practically maintenance free. “We carry a wide variety of models of Redneck Blinds so when a hunter visits our lots, they can check out all the different models and accessories and make an educated decision about which blind is best for them. We often have dozens of Redneck Blinds in stock. These blinds also boast a warranty of 25 years.”

Selecting a new deer blind can difficult. A deer blind is expensive and is a longterm investment like a new ATV or a piece of hunting property. A new hunting blind can be an expensive purchase but the the good news is we have never had a customer come back to us and regret buying a new deer blind. The memories made with friends and family are always worth the investment.

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